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meal vouchers,
a piece of cake !

Simple, transparent, digital.
Up, the solution that feels good every day.


A super
power for
you and your

Self-employed ? Automate in 1 click. Large company ? We connect to your payroll management tool.

Whatever your profile, you’ll be like a fish in water.

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Fast, personalized customer service

We pick up in less than 3 rings.

Bye-bye l'admin

The issuing of vouchers to your employees can be 100% automated.

Offer over €2,500 net in additional purchasing power

Save compared with an equivalent salary. Meal vouchers are 100% tax-deductible and exempt from social security charges.

You know what you're paying

You pay only fixed costs. Best value on the market. Optimize your costs with our 100% transparent rates.

Innovate with us !

Have a suggestion ? A particular need ? We'll analyze it in detail.

A good way
way to put
butter into your

Give your employees a meal voucher experience they won’t soon forget.

Easily check your balance

Your recent transactions and the expiry date of your meal vouchers.
Available in our app and online.

Set to the nearest cent

Don't leave a crumb !

Fast customer service for employees.

Share the bill

with your colleagues.

Spend where you want

Even online. Even on delivery platforms.

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